Posted by: pastortomvabeach | April 15, 2020

Coronavirus Stimulus Or Divine Opportunity?

I have been thinking about this cash gift the U.S. is going to give everyone this month. In fact, I noticed that it is scheduled to post in my bank account tomorrow. I understand our leaders felt the need to help those who have been hurt by closing down all the business activity in the country and I’m OK with that (except I don’t know where they are getting the money).

At any rate, what I’ve thought is that many of us, me included, will get the money even though our income stream has not been affected by the lock down. So what should I do with this gift? My thought is that, rather than see it as free money that I get to spend on myself, I should ask the Lord if I should use it in a way to meet a need that has been precipitated by this unusual situation.

So what might that need be? Well, I am retired and have a steady income stream, but there may be someone who lost their job, for whom the amount being given only scratches the surface of their need. Maybe I should help someone like that. Or maybe my church is experiencing a reduction in income because many members have been negatively affected by the lock down. Maybe I should just give my stimulus to the church to help navigate this difficult time. Maybe a missionary is noticing a drop off in giving because supporters are hurting. Would God ask me to help him or her?

I mention this because I have always believed that God takes care of all my needs and whenever money comes my way that I didn’t expect, I don’t automatically say, “Yippee! Free money!” I believe that He wants us to say, “Thank you, Father. Why did you give this to me? Is there some need that I know about that I can meet with this?” If it’s all His, shouldn’t we at least ask? Just a thought.

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