Posted by: pastortomvabeach | November 20, 2019

Thought For The Week November 24, 2019

On Sunday I spoke about what it means to manage our lives (our finances, time, abilities, etc.) as if it all belongs to God, because, frankly, it does.  I mentioned the idea of doing a blessing inventory to count up all of your assets.

Since this is the week-end prior to Thanksgiving Day and we are celebrating by joining together in a special service in which many will rise to share what God has done for them over the last year, wouldn’t it be appropriate to take a few minutes and actually do that blessing inventory?  I mean, make a list of all of your assets.  Don’t only think money, but think all of the stuff you have that makes your life easier (home, cars, furnishings, electronics, leisure items, etc.).  Then list all of the intangible blessings you have (life, health, family, friends, church, spiritual blessings, etc.).  Somewhere in there should probably be the ability you have to get all these blessings (skills, education, experience, etc.) and the privilege of living in this nation.

Once you have that list, give yourself ample time to take in the fact that the entire list, everything there, comes from God.  None of it is yours because of your own goodness, ability, aptitude, or wealth.  God gave everything!

When you begin to grasp the magnitude of that truth, the overwhelming extravagance of all God has given and done for you, give thanks.  If you can stop giving thanks, invite someone you know to try the same thing.  Maybe this holiday we get to celebrate will have a whole lot more meaning this year than it ever had before.  Just a thought.

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