Posted by: pastortomvabeach | September 23, 2019

Thought For The Week September 20, 2019

Yuletide Greetings.  Now that greeting may sound strange this last week in September, but please stay with me a few more sentences.  This week we will kick off our annual Operation Christmas Child drive.  Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, sends shoe boxes full of small gifts, school supplies, and clothing to children in places that are neglected by much of the world.  Children in these areas may not have ever known such a thing as a Christmas gift.

In addition to the gifts in the shoe boxes, Samaritan’s Purse includes a gospel pamphlet in the child’s language along with an invitation to attend a Bible study class.  To show you the impact of a little shoe box, check out the testimony that follows:

Khalid’s (not his real name) father is an alcoholic who used to beat him and withhold food from him.  His mother didn’t speak up about the abuse because his father hurt her as well.  As a result, Khalid became very shy.  He loved to sit alone in a dark room.  Upset with his family, he said, “My house was a hell.”

When a pastor and his wife came to their village with Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts, Khalid did not want to go and receive one, but his mother insisted.  Before giving out the boxes, the pastor told the children, “God loves you.”  This was the first time Khalid heard that he was loved by anyone.  He was surprised that children far away had packed a shoebox just for him to show him God’s love.  “On that night, I was very happy.  Even though my father doesn’t like me, God [does],” Khalid said.

Khalid began participating in our follow-up discipleship program offered to shoebox recipients.   “In one of the classes, I gave my life to the Lord because He died for me,” Khalid said.

His mother and sister immediately noticed a change in him.  He was more joyful than they had ever seen him before.  Khalid began learning Bible stories from the pastor, and today he teaches Sunday school.  The pastor said, “He became my right hand—on behalf of me he even leads meetings.”  Seeing the change in Khalid, his mother and sister have become believers and now attend church.

Khalid said, “I am very thankful to Operation Christmas Child.  I do not know who sent me that box, but that gift brought me thus far…Since Jesus gave His life to me, I want to introduce this loving God to all children in my village and other places.  Every second of my life, I want to serve Him.”

Imagine for a minute, what kind of impact our church can have on children in many places.  If every shoebox touches a child like Khalid, we can make a difference for the kingdom of God, and surely for those children.  Will you help this year by filling a shoe box and sending the message of Jesus around the world?  Just a thought.

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