Posted by: pastortomvabeach | April 18, 2019

Thought For The Week April 21, 2019

Imagine what those words meant to those who followed Jesus on that first Resurrection Sunday.  To them, Jesus’ death and burial marked the end of what they had hoped signaled the coming of the Messiah and the return of greatness to Israel.  The two travelers on the road to Emmaus said as much, we were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel. (Luke 24:21).   For all intents and purposes, they were crushed, lost, fearful, and most likely ready to just give up and return to what they were doing before Jesus showed up.  What else could they do?

But everything changed on Sunday!  “He is risen” were such sweet words.  “He is risen” literally changed everything.  “He is risen” meant it was true.  The Messiah had come and God was again moving among His people.  “He is risen” would ultimately change the whole world.

As I thought about the Easter message, the words of a hymn came to mind; “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone.  Because I know, I know He holds the future.  My life is worth the living, just because He lives.”  That hymn was written by Bill and Gloria Gaither in 1971, but my guess is those words were filling the hearts of Jesus’ followers on the third after Jesus was crucified.

With Jesus in the grave, tomorrow would have been unimaginable.  With Jesus in the grave, all of His followers had lots to fear.  And with Jesus in the grave their future had little to offer.  But because He rose, because He lives, they went on to live and spread the message that anyone can have hope that makes life worth living if they simply trust in Jesus. 

As we celebrate His resurrection again this year, would you take a moment and contemplate what that mean to you?  How different is your life, because He lives?  Just a thought for Easter 2019.

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