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Thought For The Week February 10, 2019

Pastor Mike Davidson shared a challenging message last Sunday that reminded us that one of our main purposes in life is to honor the Lord (the King) and really give glory to His name. He said, rightly, that we tend to lose sight of the awe and respect that God is due because of who He is.

Have you ever tried to really get your head around God? I mean, He is so powerful that He created the entire universe, something so vast and expansive that we can’t even see to the ends of it and have absolutely no chance of ever traveling there, even if WARP drive were real. He exists out of time (He created time) and knows everything that will happen millennia before it occurs.

His nature is relational (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and because of the love that exists within the Godhead, He created human beings to be in relationship with Himself, which kind of blows my mind, when you think that He knew Adam and Eve would blow it and actually wreck the relationship. And because that relationship is so important to Him, He sent Jesus, His Son, to make a pathway back into relationship by dying on the cross for us, then He offered the way to anyone who will simply believe.

When I try to fit all that in my head, it feels like it will explode! But isn’t that the kind of God you really want? A God who is bigger, more powerful, and more loving than you can explain or really fully understand? And when I think of Him in those terms, I just want to fall down before Him and say, “Wow! God! You are the King!” If you sometimes feel like you’ve lost that sense of awe, try just fitting God in your head for a minute.

From that idea, Pastor Mike was saying that we ought to be really mindful of how we come into the Lord’s presence. I don’t think he was telling us that we somehow have to always have a handle of the conflicts, trials, and confusion that just seem to go along with life. Sometimes those things jump up when we least expect them and least want them but then they are there. My sense was that we need to come into the Lord’s presence, whether when we gather as a body or in our own private times of worship and prayer, with the right attitude.

The Lord is not a stranger to our brokenness or the pains of life. He wants us to bring those things to Him, knowing He rules in every area of our lives and that we can give them over to Him. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus said, Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Coming in the right attitude doesn’t mean we somehow have a handle on all the situations in life, but we know that our King does.

So if I’m feeling down or I’ve been hurt by someone or I am fearful or doubtful or maybe I’ve hurt someone and caused the conflict, whatever, I can confess that to the Lord and express my desire for Him to clean my heart and make me ready to worship. That’s what He wants us to do. And when we confess it, we can let it go, because When we confess our sins (or troubles) He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9).

I think we run into trouble when we nonchalantly push these things down into our spirits and think it doesn’t matter to God that we are holding onto unforgiveness, fear, doubt, resentment, anger, hurt, or some sort of sin, and think we can come before God with that stuff in us and He’ll be OK with it. He sent Jesus to die so that we don’t have to carry that mess around and when He takes it away, we are made pure and righteous, prepared for an audience with the King.

Jesus said, In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. (John 16:33). Don’t hold back from coming to the King if you’ve had a bad day or week or even more. Simply bring that stuff to Him. He wants to be your safe place and give you rest. Come with thanksgiving and praise (Psalm 100) because that gets your focus onto God and who He is rather on the mess that’s going on. When He points out something that may be plugging up that well He’s placed in you, be real and confess it, then you will experience drawing joy from the well of salvation. Wow! What a thought. He’s given us a well of joy and wants us to drink from it!

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