Posted by: pastortomvabeach | January 22, 2019

Thought For The Week January 27, 2019

On Sunday, January 20, I shared with the congregation my decision to retire from active pastoral leadership at the end of 2019. This decision was formed over the last couple of years in prayer and consideration of the season of life in which Lilia and I find ourselves.

We are both getting older (I just turned 70) and experiencing some of the slowdown that comes with age. We are not as “in touch” with the younger generations of people who need Jesus as we would like to be to bring our church into the next stage of growth. In addition, Lilia has faced many different health challenges that have demanded a lot of my time and have seriously impacted my ability to keep up with the rigors of every day leadership, ministry, and teaching.

This has been a difficult and sad decision for us. We love our church because we love all of the people so much. We still believe that Christian Chapel is the best church in town for everyone here and it will continue to be because we have the best people around.

I also said that during this last year as pastor, I will work as hard and fast and strong as I can to see that our church is at the peak of momentum when the transition to new leadership happens. I don’t know yet what that looks like but I do know that it will be a lot like the vision this church has followed for almost 30 years.

I hope you will plan to attend services on this Sunday, January 27. I will be sharing about the Salem Road Vision and presenting a synopsis of parts of a series our former pastor, Steve Dyer shared in 1993. I think this will show you that, while new leadership may be on the horizon, God’s plan for our church has always been exciting and will continue to be in the future.

What is your vision for your church? How does it connect with the Salem Road vision? You can find out on Sunday. I hope to see you then. In the meantime don’t forget to Make Jesus Known.

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