Posted by: pastortomvabeach | January 14, 2019

Thought For The Week January 20, 2019

As we seek the Lord’s guidance for how to reach those we know who are unchurched, we may find that He leads us to change some of the ways we have been trying to reach them up to now. As I mentioned on Sunday, change can be painful.

One big reason we don’t like to change is that we think changing means that what we were doing already was wrong, that we are critiquing the past and saying it was faulty. That just isn’t so. What was done in the past is essential to what we are doing right now and to what will be done in the future. Past revivals in the church brought about many of the powerful results we see in the world today. The Azusa Street revival in 1906, paved the way for the explosive growth of Pentecostal missions and revival that is going on around the world today. Though that was so, the methods, songs, strategies the churches employed in 1906 had to be changed because they no longer worked. That didn’t mean they were not powerful and effective in their day and certainly didn’t mean they were wrong.

In our quest to spread the gospel, the only thing that won’t change is the gospel. The truth of God’s Word is the one stable platform on which all of our efforts can revolve. As long as we are true to the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, we will be OK and whatever changes we must make will be worthwhile when we see people begin to turn their lives over to Jesus and receive eternal salvation.

On Sunday I said that growth equals change, change equals loss, and loss equals pain. I didn’t think up those ideas. I borrowed them from Dr. Sam Chand. Nonetheless, I think they are pretty right on. Growth and change see to always be accompanied with some kind of discomfort or even pain, but in the end, if we will endure and go through whatever we need to, we will reach the other side and see success. For us, right now, success means seeing people come to Jesus and I, for one, am ready for whatever pain it takes to get there.

But guess what happens when we reach that success? Usually it means it’s time for more change because culture, people, and methods change very rapidly. In one sense, it makes for an exciting ride, don’t you think? That’s kind of been my journey with Christ since it began. Never a boring or dull moment. Are you ready to ride?

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