Posted by: pastortomvabeach | January 9, 2019

Thought For The Week January 13, 2019

On the first Sunday in January, I urged our congregation to really get serious about growing our church. Growing involves individual and corporate spiritual growth so each one of us has our roots deep in relationship and intimacy with Christ. As we grow as followers of Christ we become more passionate about sharing what God has given us with others so that more people can become followers of Christ.

Another aspect of growth is adding new believers to the kingdom of God (the church). The early church in Acts was constantly seeing new people coming to Christ. Acts 2:47 tells us, the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved. The Holy Spirit was given to the church to be the source of power for witnessing and spreading the good news of Jesus and salvation.

I wonder what it would look like today if we could experience even a little of what that early church experienced. How much would it affect our community if every believer had one friend, family member, or associate come to Christ every year? Would the influence of these new believers have any affect on their families, neighborhoods, or workplaces? How might they then become witnesses for Christ?

What would happen if every one of us asked the Lord to make us aware of opportunities that are around us every day to touch someone with the His love? What if we all made it a priority to pray ever day for such opportunities? I wonder how many lives we could impact by simply being more aware and obedient.

Growing is about people. Your spiritual growth is about you getting closer to the Lord each day. Growth for our church and community is about bringing people to Jesus. Every person you know is a soul who will either spend eternity in God’s presence or in a place created for the devil and his angels. What will it take to move us, myself included, to be more aware and active in reaching out to those souls? A thought for the new year.

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