Posted by: pastortomvabeach | December 17, 2018

Thought For The Week December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas To All,

Only two days left to finish your shopping, that is, if you have any more shopping to do? Maybe you forgot to get my Christmas gift! Just joking. I really don’t need any more gifts. I have so much and am so blessed. God gave me Jesus, gave me a wonderful wife, gave me great children and, now, grandchildren, and allowed me to live in the most blessed nation on earth. I sometimes wonder if I take His gifts for granted and fail to express my gratitude by fulfilling His command to make Jesus known so others can experience this blessed life.

Last week I received a very short email from Revelation Media, the organization that produces The Animated Bible. The title of the email was: Does Satan take a Christmas Vacation? Let me share it with you:

“We are right in the middle of Advent—a celebration and remembrance of the birth of Christ recognized by Christians throughout the world. Along with this ‘Countdown to Christmas’ can come a sense of comfort and security in the gospel and Christ’s eventual return. While we rest in the assurance of our salvation this holiday season, it’s important to also remember that Satan does not take a Christmas vacation.

”He is still waiting to deceive—even in the midst of a celebratory, Christ-focused time of year—looking to get a foothold in our lives and rob us of the joy we experience in our relationship with God.

“Take, for instance, John the Baptist. As he sat in prison and heard stories of the deeds of Christ, he questioned if Jesus was the Messiah, because Satan was busy undermining his faith and using the forces of darkness to demand his head on a platter. (Matthew 11:2–3)

“This Advent season, let’s commit to developing a deeper faith for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. Because the stress—and even the joy—that we experience at Christmas can serve as a distraction to what’s truly important: growing in faith and putting on the armor of God to protect our hearts and minds from the lies of Satan that can so easily creep in.”

This little email caused me to ponder, how often do we get so caught up in all that we “have to do” during the Christmas season that we lose sight of the one who made Christmas possible and even let stress, impatience, or conflict ruin the meaning of the season for us? Maybe if we acknowledge that Satan is not taking a Christmas vacation, we can keep on guard so that we don’t let him mess up anything for us or our loved ones. I hope this helps you keep things in focus till Christmas and after. Just a thought.

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