Posted by: pastortomvabeach | September 5, 2018

Thought for the Week September 9, 2018

This is a short week, so I’m writing a short note. This week we will recognize all the children we have here at Christian Chapel and those of our friends and neighbors. We believe that children are one of the most important demographics on which to focus our efforts here at Christian Chapel.

Nationwide studies tell us that significantly fewer children and young people are embracing and continuing in the faith of Jesus Christ when they become adults. That means that as time goes on the church will continue to shrink and it’s influence in society will diminish. Just look around today and ask yourself if that hasn’t already begun to be rapidly evident. Coarseness and anger seem to have taken over for civility and compassion.

While we can sit back and say children are the parents’ responsibility, which would be true, I believe we must see them as the responsibility of every Christian. Parenting is a job that needs lots of support, wisdom, and encouragement. When the church goes all out to love, teach, mentor, and include children, we are supporting our parents and ultimately making a difference in whether or not that young person will be faithful to the Lord as an adult or will leave the church never to return.

Our most vital ministries to children are Kid’s Church (3-5’s and 6-11’s) and Young Ambassadors (3-11). The first meets during our service and the second meets at 9 a.m. just prior to service. In addition our youth pastor always needs adults to come alongside to help lead the student ministry. All of these ministries always need willing adults to stand up and say, “Children are important to me, so important that I’m ready to do my best to make sure they know and love Jesus all of their lives.”

We have more adults in our church than we have children and teens, so it should not be difficult to staff these two ministries. During the last three Sundays in September we will be highlighting all our ministries and giving opportunity to join in to serve. Would you consider how vital children and youth are to our future and theirs and give up a couple hours of your time each month to serve in one of these ministries? Your small contribution can make the difference in the church and in the overall tone of our society. Will you step up? Just a thought.

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