Posted by: pastortomvabeach | June 18, 2018

Thought for the Week June 24, 2018

Many thanks to Pastor Doug Crabb for filling in for me the past two weeks. I was honored to receive an invitation to attend the 50 Year Anniversary Celebration of the College of Theology and Social Sciences in Warsaw, Poland, so my wife and I have been out of the country. While there we got to meet some of the people who were instrumental in starting the only Pentecostal Bible college in all of Poland, a school that was launched during the communist occupation which made it very difficult to do. We met some saints who had been imprisoned during their quest to have a Bible college but who were undeterred and pressed on with what they knew the Lord wanted them to do. We were very humbled to be among the guests of such a dedicated and God fearing group of people.

On Sunday, I began a series adapted from Andy Stanley’s series of messages called Guardrails. The main thought is that guardrails are placed along the highways and bridges to keep cars and truck in the safe zone so they don’t drive where serious danger could cause a disaster and that we also need some “guardrails” in our lives to keep us from getting involved in activities that could bring disaster and serious regret in our lives.

Paul says, Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk—not as unwise people but as wise— making the most of the time, because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:15-16), urging us to think of where we go, what we do, whom we are with, attitudes that we develop, and even what we say in light of the boundaries that God has set up for us in His Word. The word “walk” used in this context means the whole gamut of how we live our lives. He says don’t go about life haphazardly, be wise, understand that you can’t buy back a major mistake once it’s been made.

The idea of guardrails has a lot to do with making the most of the time. Time is a very precious commodity. Once it is past, it cannot be reclaimed, so making the most of our time here requires that we understand the boundaries that will bring about the best in whatever we do and then living within those boundaries; having guardrails!

I’m pretty sure that most of us have something in life where we wish we could go back and get a do over and we know that if we had just had something set up that would direct and protect us during that moment we probably would not be regretting what happened back then. That’s guardrails in a nutshell.

We will continue this conversation for the next five weeks. I want to encourage you, if you were not able to be here on Sunday, to listen to the first installment on our website and then plan to be here for the entire six weeks. Having this kind of practical commitment in your life that causes your conscience to sound off when danger is near might just save you from a lot of disappointment. Just a thought.

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