Posted by: pastortomvabeach | May 22, 2018

Thought for the Week May 27, 2018

This weekend we observe a national day of remembrance, Memorial Day. This is the time when we remember those who have paid the highest price in the creation of or the defense of our nation. The legacy of these men and women is that they understood that being the nation on earth with the most freedom is not an easy thing to do. It was not easy to conceive and establish and it is not easy to keep. It takes all of us doing our part in our communities; in our local, state, and federal government; and in our support of our armed forces here and around the world so that those who die “shall not have died in vain” (Gettysburg Address).

As we remember our fallen brothers and sisters, let us also remember the One who paid the highest price for our spiritual freedom – Jesus. This was a task that no one else could do. He died to set us free from the tyranny of our own sins, to take our just punishment, and to bring us into relationship with our Father in heaven. Remembering His sacrifice, we ought to strive to show His grace and love everywhere we go because this freedom is not only for us, but also for everyone who will come to Him. What would it take for us to make Jesus known so well that people would be as enthusiastic about coming to Him as many around the world are about coming to the United States? Oh, that we could make Jesus that well know and attractive.

Our church will be joining together to offer one last encouragement to the staff and teachers of our adopted elementary school before the end of the year. On June 3, we will pass out “Thank You” cards addressed with the staff member’s name and position. Those in attendance will be asked to personalize the card by writing a note of thanks to that particular staff member and then sign it with their name and “Christian Chapel”.

To make it really special, we want to put a $10 gift card from Cold Stone Creamery in each card. If you can donate one or more of these gift cards, please bring them no later than Sunday, June 3rd. Sam’s Club has them in bundles of five for the price of four, or something like that. Let’s get together to really show the teachers, administrators, kitchen staff, and custodians that we care and are grateful for the job they do in teaching and maturing our children.

As a final thought. How often do you take time to thank Jesus for what He’s done for you? How often do you thank God for allowing you to live in this great nation? Maybe Memorial (remembrance) Day would be a good time to reflect and do just that. Just a thought.

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