Posted by: pastortomvabeach | March 13, 2018

Thought for the Week March 18, 2018

Many thanks to Pastor Doug for covering for me last week. We had a deacon board and staff retreat that took a lot of time to prepare so he was a great help to me. If you haven’t read his thoughts about revival, it’s worth reading.

Last Sunday, we discussed the account of Peter denying Jesus three times. While that incident can surely teach us a lot about how to avoid failure, there is something that I think we miss, if we only focus on how Peter messed up.

See, he wouldn’t have messed up if he had been like a lot of Christians today. There are some Christians who prefer to be incognito with their faith like Joseph of Arimathea, who was a disciple of Jesus, but secretly, for fear of the Jews (John 12:38). There are others who no one would guess are followers of Christ because of the way they live their lives.

Peter, on the other hand, stood out somehow, so that even the servants noticed something about him that said, “This guy follows Jesus.” If he had been like some today, he could have hung around the courtyard all night and no one would have noticed him or asked him anything about his relationship to Christ. So when the rooster crowed, Peter would have been off the hook.

The book of Acts tells us that the High Priest and the religious rulers called the apostles before them and that they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men…and they recognized that they had been with Jesus. (Acts 4:13).

It may be a difficult thing to do, but if you are honest about your life, would anyone you come into contact regularly be able to tell that you follow Jesus, other than your family and those you know at church? What would set you apart from everyone you know who is not a Christian? Is there something about you that would say, “He’s one of them,” or “She’s one of them.”? Or do you blend in so well with those who are far from Christ that they would never guess that you are different?

I would like to challenge all of us to regularly ask ourselves, “How does my life make Jesus known to those who don’t know Him?” That’s a hard question but something that should be important to us if we are to be salt and light in the world. Just a thought to keep you up at night!

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