Posted by: pastortomvabeach | August 1, 2017

Thought for the Week August 6, 2017

Thank you to everyone who responded to my reader’s poll. There are enough people who take time to read these postings that we will continue. I’ve been told that circulation would increase if I put it on Facebook as a video. I’m considering trying that.

On Sunday mornings, we have been discussing Ravi Zacharias’ and Vince Vitale’s book Jesus Among Secular Gods. In his chapter on humanism, Ravi shares a disturbing quote from The Humanist Magazine, “What we should be fighting for is the total destruction of Christianity and its superstitions, impostures, and swindles…I unhesitatingly declare that freedom from religion’s myth is of prime importance to humanity.” This is disturbing since humanism claims that it wants to make life worthwhile and sufficient. The problem is that most leading humanists believe that in order to do that any supernatural transcendent perspectives on life must be eliminated.

As we pondered that thought, the question was raised, “What does this say to Christians?” One thing that I believe it says is that, at some point in the future, we may be in for persecution, and it may not be too far off. The entire public education system in our country from pre-K through every graduate level teaches relativistic humanism as the core of all education. We have several generations of people who have been fed this all of their lives and it has become common knowledge and belief.

In recent months, many colleges and universities have erupted into violence at the mere idea that someone with a different take on things would be allowed to speak on their campus. Several such speakers have been cancelled or turned away by violent protestors. Government agencies have come out against businesses who refuse to join in celebrating alternative lifestyles and some have lost their businesses doe to excessive lawsuits. I think this is just the beginning.

I said all that to say this. As Christians, it is vitally important that we have more than a Sunday connection to our local church. Christian Education classes and small groups are very important not only for the content of instruction and spiritual growth that can be had, but maybe more so, for the relationships that are built with other believers. There may come a day when meeting in a large group on Sunday or any other day will be impossible. Church facilities could be closed down or become the target of those who are searching for hate criminals. What I’m saying is there may come a day when the church is forced to gather underground, in small groups, in homes, etc.

Friends, I don’t say any of this to be alarmist just to encourage prudence. The closer you are to other Christians, the more time you spend in each other’s homes, the more you gather for social purposes, the more you discuss Scripture and help to support each other’s spiritual progress, the better off you will be if something like this ever happens. Certainly we should pray that it never will happen and do what we can in the public sector to ensure it doesn’t but if it does, we should be prepared.

How many of you are connected to a smaller group of believers that shares life and spiritual growth together? If you are not connected in that way, I urge you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9AM in one of the Growth Groups that meet or to join a Life Group when we begin our Fall Semester on September 17. If we don’t have a Life Group that fits your schedule or relational needs, contact Pastor Cheryl Pickford about starting one. It’s not difficult to do and could be the start of powerful spiritual growth for you and everyone in the group. Life on life really results in growth. A thought to kick around.

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