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Thought for the Week November 6, 2016

Why I Am Voting For Donald Trump

First, let me thank Pastor Doug for filling in for me the last two weeks. During that time, my wife, Lilia, had a very complicated procedure to place a stent in an artery in her brain that will bypass an aneurysm and prevent something catastrophic from happening. Praise God, everything went perfectly and she is fine. If you haven’t read Pastor Doug’s thoughts, I urge you to go back to them as he gives us some insightful ideas on how to pray for missionaries and how to make our own devotion times more fruitful and rewarding.

I have written several times in the past two months about the coming election but have not said straight out which candidate will get my vote. Today I want to tell you who and why. My vote will go to Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, and any other Republican on the ticket.

Here is my reasoning. First off, I did not support Mr. Trump in the primary season. In fact, I never dreamed he would get the nomination. In my estimation there were several much better choices I could have enthusiastically supported. Ted Cruz was my first choice but he is no longer on the ballot. Additionally, many of Mr. Trump’s ways of attacking other candidates or belittling those who oppose him do not sit right with me and, in no way do I justify or make light of the comments he has made about women. Some respected Christian leaders, who are much closer to him that are we, have asserted that Mr. Trump recently had a real conversion experience and they say he is still acting like a baby Christian. Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but I still grate at some of the ways he handles himself.

All that being said, I am still going to vote for him and here’s why – life. In the final presidential debate Hillary Clinton stared into the camera, and both lied about and defended unequivocally partial birth abortion, the practice of killing a partially delivered baby then removing it from the mother’s womb and placing it in the trash heap. In addition to that, when asked what she would consider most important in choosing Supreme Court justices, she said she would consider only those who would uphold Roe v. Wade and keep abortion legal in all its forms. Perhaps her most sacred political commitment is to the unrestricted, unregulated killing of unborn babies for any reason or no particular reason at all. She also wants a court that will overturn the Hyde Amendment so taxpayers can be made to pay for the destruction of the most innocent form of human life by supporting it more generously and widely with government funding.

Medal of Honor recipient General Patrick Brady says, “Abortion is a threat to the character and survival of our country. Our founders separated us from all ancient countries when they declared the truth that persons have certain unalienable rights…not from a king or dictator, but from God himself. Those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and government’s purpose is to protect these rights. It is no accident that life comes first. There can be no liberty or happiness without it. Our government has violated its founding charter by attacking the right to life of pre-born babies. Abortion trumps (pardon the pun) all issues in this election. Life is the first principle of our Declaration and should be of our voting. Killing babies may be who were are, but it is not who we were meant to be.”

In voting for Donald Trump, I am mostly voting for the Republican Party platform, which is the only platform that fully supports life and calls for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Third party tickets may be appealing but the two major third parties fall in with the pro-choice crowd and would have the same affect, if elected as would the Democrat ticket. I fully believe that the only real way to support life is to vote for the party that supports it in their official platform.

In addition to the issue of life, the institution of marriage and family and rights to freedom of religion are in jeopardy in a Clinton presidency. Mrs. Clinton is unequivocally supportive of what she calls “marriage equality,” which means not only can men marry men and women marry women, but also that those who do not share that unbiblical belief have no right to opt out of participating in preparing for those ceremonies, nor to refuse to participate in them – a clear violation of religious freedom. Americans have already been prosecuted, fined, sued and lost their jobs and businesses for simply declining to bake cakes, prepare floral arrangements and provide catering or photography for same-sex weddings because of their religious convictions.

Perhaps most stunning and alarming of all is what this Mrs. Clinton said at the 2015 Women in the World Summit, declaring, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” This is a presidential candidate who openly and defiantly proclaims that “religious beliefs … have to be changed.” Freedom of religion, as America’s founders viewed it, had two parts: 1) free exercise by individuals; and 2) a prohibition on the establishment of a national religion. On this test, one presidential candidate flunks both constitutional provisions.

Matt Barber, editor-in chief of, author of Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity, columnist, attorney in constitutional law, and, until recently a stauch “Never-Trumper”, writes, “I will be voting against Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 in what is objectively and irrefutably the most effective way possible: by casting a vote, for better or worse, for the policies and promises of Donald Trump.” I agree with him. I am not so much voting for the man as I am voting for the policies and promises made by him and his political party. My vote is just that, a vote. This doesn’t mean I endorse him as a person or agree with the way he does a lot of things, but I believe he gives our nation the best chance to change for the better.

Dr. Michael Brown, author, speaker, radio host, professor, and Messianic Jew, wrote, “1) My hope is in God, not Donald Trump, and I do recognize that either Hillary or Trump has the potential to do great harm to America; 2) My urgent call is for us as followers of Jesus to get our own act together so we can be the salt and light of the nation; 3) I will continue to urge all believers not to vote for Hillary Clinton, whose policies will certainly do us great harm; and 4) Ultimately, the most effective way to defeat Hillary is to vote for Trump, while also praying that God will use him for good, not for evil.”

I could not sum up my thoughts any better. Please understand that I am not telling you how to vote. That is your decision to make prayerfully with the Lord. I do, however, think it is important for me, as a local pastor, to be open with the people I serve so they know my choice and reasons for that choice. The one thing I do say is, Vote! God bless you.

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