Posted by: pastortomvabeach | October 12, 2016

Thought for the Week October 16, 2016

I trust that everyone made it through the jaws of Hurricane Matthew safely and that you all are sufficiently dried out and cleaned up by now. Though the storm brought a great deal more wind and rain to our area than had been predicted, its track along Florida’s East coast seemed to be guided by God’s hand, keeping it just far enough off-shore to prevent what surely would have been catastrophic damage had it been just a few miles to the West. I don’t mean to minimize what did happen, especially to places like Haiti, but just to thank God that it wasn’t worse. Please remember to pray for those who were the hardest hit and for all of the responders who are there right now helping to put things back together.

After the sordid events of this past weekend, the candidates in the coming election are shaping up to be two of the worst in our history. On one hand are discussions that cannot be defended in any way and should not be repeated and on the other levels of deception that test the credibility of anything the candidate says. So what do we do? How do we choose?

My thoughts up to now have indicated that I am leaning towards the Republican choice but with the recent revelations (which, by the way, should surprise no one), I’m hard pressed by the immorality displayed on both sides. For my last thought on this topic, I want to share some excerpts from an article by Dan Cummins, an associate pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego, which he called, God’s Hand In ‘Lust vs. Lying’ Choice. This was written after the events of this past week-end. Again, this is his opinion. Whatever we do, we need God’s opinion about the election. Here are some of his thoughts:

“So, America is down to these two choices – a lustful man or a lying woman! Sounds like Adam and Eve all over. Honestly, were you really shocked by the…inexcusable remarks by a known philandering playboy? Will the Wikileaks Wall Street transcripts shock you or only prove what you have felt all along about…Hillary? So, really nothing has changed. America is still down to these two choices – a lustful man or a lying woman! One of them, barring unforeseen events, will become the next President.

“The Bible says, ‘Be sure your sins will find you out!’ Before any of us, without sin, cast the first of many stones…have you not first examined your own heart and soul? ‘For in the same manner in which you judge, you shall be judged.’ Both Trump and Clinton are sinners in need of a Savior’s saving grace – just like you and me. ‘All sinned and come short of the glory of God.’ Their sin is no greater than my sin or yours in the eyes of God. Sin is sin, though some more consequential than others. Both liars and adulterers shall have their part in the lake of fire.

“How they respond to this public revelation of their sins, however, will reveal the character of their heart. We have heard from Trump. Next, maybe from Clinton. Consider King David – ‘a man after God’s own heart.’ He was a voyeuristic playboy and an adulterous murderer. I wonder what his rooftop…conversations were like about a married woman, Bathsheba? Yet, when his sin was publicly exposed by the prophet Nathan, David, a politician, publicly repented.

“All that has changed in the past three days is that God is pulling back the curtains a little bit further, exposing the sinfulness of a nation He loves very much, removing our hopes and trust for recovery from the arms of sinful flesh and revealing that He is neither a Republican nor a Democratic, but the HOLY RIGHTEOUS GOD.

“Christians are posting everywhere, ‘We need to pray!’ Isn’t that what God has desired all along? To hear from His children? Our perception of salvation coming to the nation from a Republican or Democratic party, from a man or a woman, is being dashed against the Rock of Truth. America has put her hopes for the future…in a man or a woman, Republican or Democrat, and God has raised up a biased media and…Julian Assange to dash all our human hopes for deliverance against the Rock of Truth – Jesus Christ. These recent revelations are actions of the Providential Hand of God moving to prepare us for a move of His Spirit. Sin must be revealed before true revival from a Holy God can follow.

“So far, only one has come forth and said, ‘I have sinned!’ What is your and my response today? Is it, ‘Lord, I’m glad I’m not like Donald or Hillary!’ Or is it, ‘Lord, have mercy upon me, for I too am only a sinner saved by grace.’ America’s future hope is not in Hillary or Donald, but in God’s people turning back to a merciful, forgiving God.

“The issues haven’t changed one iota since Friday. They are exactly where they were three days ago. Only your perception of the means of our salvation has changed. And maybe not. I hope all our eyes, Republican and Democratic eyes alike, will turn to Jesus, will ‘look full into his wonderful face, and the things of this world will grow politically dim in the light of His marvelous grace.’ Keep praying, keep looking to Jesus, because God is not finished with America yet!”

The essence of Dan Cummins’ article is that we need to get our eyes on Jesus. Regardless of who wins the election, He will still be in charge, He will still be on the throne, and He (and we, too) will eventually win in the end (see the last chapters or Revelation). Will you take time during these last few weeks before the election and turn your eyes on Jesus? Will you ask Him to reveal not only the sins of our candidates but those of His people, us, you and me? Will you call on Him for the greatest revival the world has ever known? That is our salvation. That is what will make things right in the world. That’s what should have our attention! Just a thought and a prayer!

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