Posted by: pastortomvabeach | September 21, 2016

Thought for the Week September 25, 2016

On Sunday, October 2 and 9, our church will hold our annual missions emphasis conference. We do this every year because local and world-wide missions is the focus of the Great Commission. Jesus said, Go…and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. (Matthew 28:19-20). This command tells us that our job here on earth is to be taking the good news of Jesus and His gift of salvation to everyone who doesn’t yet know.

We do that by living out our Christianity before those we know who are not yet Christians so that we get the opportunity to share the good news with them and by either going as missionaries or sending others to be missionaries in nations that are starving for the good news.

I believe that every church should be passionately involved in world-wide missions. We understand that not everyone can go to the far flung corners of the globe. But everyone can have a part in going by helping to support those who go. This is why we do our missions conference. We expose the congregation to missionaries who are on the front lines doing the work so that we all can grow in our desire to be involved. We also ask everyone, every family, every individual, in our church to make a Faith Promise to missions support.

We currently give to help support 24 foreign and 6 U.S. missionaries. Our missions budget is nearly $70,000, each year and we have been able to meet that budget every year through the Faith Promise giving of our congregation. This is over and above all of our other expenses.

A Faith Promise means that I trust God to supply a certain amount over the course of the year and give that amount to the missions support efforts of the church. A Faith Promise should include an amount that I know I can give which is above my regular tithe to the church. That is something I can put in my budget so I am consistent in giving it. What makes a Faith Promise a faith venture is that it also includes an amount that I am not sure that I can give but that I will trust God to provide. Pastor Dan Betzer says, “God will give more THROUGH you than He will give TO you, if you will pass that on to missions.”

This concept means that I can ask God how much He wants to give “through” me and the make that part of my faith promise in addition to what I know I can give. Then I get to stand back during the year and watch how God provides that over and above amount. That’s were the faith comes in. Oh, yes, faith also comes in when I am obedient and pass it on to missions when God gives it to me.

Faith Promise support of missions also connects everyone who gives directly to the missionaries who receive the support. This means that your dollars help that missionary to reach, teach, and lead people in places you could never go. Because you help them get there, you also receive the reward when they bring people to Christ.

We are completely convinced that one of the main reasons that Christian Chapel is blessed is that we allow our people to be directly connected to missions around the world. When you give to missions, God blesses you, and when God blesses you, you bless the church.

Will you begin today to pray and ask the Lord what you part should be this year in supporting the 30 missionaries that we help? When you pray remember another thing Dan Betzer says, “When God tells you how much to give, it will keep you up at night.” Don’t be surprised if the Lord tells you to make a Faith Promise that is a lot bigger than you think possible. Remember, with God all things are possible. That’s my thought to pray on this week.

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