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Thought for the Week July 17, 2016

Many thanks to Pastor Doug and Pastor Cheryl for manning the fort while I enjoyed two weeks with my children and grandchildren. We had all the kids at home for the first time in over a year. It was nice. I’m glad to be back.

I read a blog post by Pastor Micah Anglo from South Bay Christian Alliance Church in Long Beach, CA, yesterday that is worth the read. He passed on some wisdom from Dr. Carl R. Trueman, a Christian theologian and church historian who is Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, as well as the pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Ambler, PA. Here is Pastor Anglo’s blog:

“In a Q&A session, Dr. Trueman was asked about why churches today are losing their young people. Typical answers to this question range from things like the temptations of this world or the irrelevance of the church–your typical answers.

“But Trueman makes a keen and convicting connection between our parenting and apostasy, ’The church is losing its young people because the parents never taught their children that it was important. I think that applies across the board. It applies to family worship, and it also applies to whether you are in church every Sunday and what priority you demonstrate to your children church has on a Sunday. If the sun shines out and their friends are going to the beach, do you decide to skip church and go to the beach? In which case, you send signals to your children that it is not important.’

Pastor Anglo expounds on Trueman’s thoughts, “Now we know that artificially taking your kids to church neither bestows salvation nor guarantees it. God is obviously not honored by external religious acts without heart worship. This type of legalism is not the subject of this discussion. This is about parenting and the weight of the responsibility behind how they prioritize their time and lifestyle choices for their families.

“Parents makes choices all the time for their families. As they decide on what takes priority in family, every choice is carefully observed and taken into the heart of their children. Yes, they are watching you, and they are learning from you.

“Maybe the reason why our children have no love for Christ is due to the fact that we as parents do not show any love or passion for Christ, evidenced by how we prioritize our time both on Sundays and during the week. When television, sports, school, hobbies even family itself are elevated to a place of idolatry and replace the vital Christian responsibilities, then we tell our children that Christ is secondary to all these things. We tell our children that it is not necessary to take up your cross and die to yourself daily in order to follow Christ. We tell them that you only have to live for Christ when it’s convenient for you. We tell them it is okay to sacrifice time with all-satisfying Savior if something ‘more fun’ or ‘more important’ comes along (sarcasm indicated by quotation marks if you didn’t catch that). And this sounds like a clear path to apostasy if you ask me.

“Let’s evaluate where our hearts are by observing our choices. Do you prioritize the local church? Do you prioritize the worship of Christ in your home and on Sundays? Do you prioritize serving Him and worshiping Him in the contexts of school and work? This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever miss a Sunday or that you can’t have any extracurricular activities. Instead, it is a sobering reminder that we shouldn’t put the things of God at the bottom of the priority list, because it tells our children that Christ is at the bottom of our priority list. And the God of this universe does not belong there.

“My prayer is that we all would improve in this area. But beware, maybe we don’t see this because Christ isn’t a priority in our lives. And if He isn’t a priority in our lives, then our children will know and follow suit.”

These are some pretty convicting thoughts. As we pursue our value of being future minded and seek to invest our resources to establish the faith in the next generation because we want the good news of Jesus Christ to continue after we are gone, maybe the most important investment is in making Christ a priority in our homes day in and day out and ensuring our children know the church is where we connect regularly to the body of Christ. Just a thought even if it is a hard one.

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