Posted by: pastortomvabeach | June 9, 2016

Thought for the Week June 12, 2016

Last week I read article by Josh Blankenship on Church Media Made Easy which he entitled, Are You A Bad Church Member. Josh is the creative pastor at Life Quest Church in Belton, MO, and the author of The Church Communicator’s Guide To Instagram. His thoughts are worth reading and asking of ourselves. Here they are:

“I’m always fascinated by the amount of complaints a church receives. There are websites dedicated to pointing out problems with those ‘other’ churches. There are people who never stay at a church for more than a year. There are people who stay forever at a church, but take advantage of every opportunity to complain and badmouth the leadership.

“I’m no theologian, but that just doesn’t seem like what God created the church to be like. It seems odd to me that we are willing to stick with our sports teams, schools and jobs even when they suck. But, the second the pastor doesn’t do exactly what we want, we are out the door. I can’t imagine Jesus is excited about that in the least.

“As most of you are aware, the church is changing. Many would say it is in decline. It’s easy to lay the blame on the church instead of ourselves. It’s easy to blame culture or music style as the reason no one wants to go to church anymore, but isn’t the real reason the church is in decline that most of us are really bad church members?

“I believe the biggest reason our churches are not growing and reaching more people is not because of theology or style, it’s simply because of bad church members. Please don’t get hung up on the word ‘member.’ No matter what term your local church uses (if at all). I am simply talking about Christ followers and our relationship to the local church.

“Are you a Bad church member? Take this quick test to find out:
___ I don’t participate. I just kinda show up and watch. I rarely make sacrifices
of my time or money.
___ I never bring a friend or someone I know who is far from God.
___ I only attend church when it’s convenient for me or my family. I am sporadic
and irregular and can’t really explain why.
___ I talk bad about the pastor or leaders behind their back. I tell others, who are
not part of the solution, about all my frustrations.
___ I give on a regular basis, but as soon as something doesn’t go my way, I
threaten to stop.
___ I complain about the lack of services for me and my family (i.e.. no student
ministry, no midnight services) but refuse to help start or lead anything.
___ I leave the church because I don’t feel connected. Even though I never
attend the events and groups the church does offer.
___ The second the pastor says something I disagree with from the stage, I start
looking for another church.
___ I started serving then got burned out fast. I did not led the leaders know that
I needed a break.
___ I go to multiple churches. I attend services at all the churches in my area.

“If you checked yes on any of these, you are not alone. At some point in time, I believe every Christian has gone through at least one of these. We are all going to struggle with selfishness, and we will all fall short. But the church needs you. The world and your community need you. No organization on earth can survive if the people that claim to support it don’t back it up with action.

“Knowing that you and I can easily become bad church members will help us stay on track and be conscious of the choices we make. Being a part of a local church is not always easy and convenient, but it’s what Jesus wanted us to do. Your local church will always struggle to reach people if you are a bad church member.”

I think there are times I have been a bad church member, but if we all make it our goal to be good church members our church will continue to be the Best Church in Town and we will move towards the vision of Making Jesus Known here in our community. I’m up for it, what about you? Just a thought.

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