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Thought for the Week June 5, 2016

I have been working mostly from home the past two weeks since the Internet service at Christian Chapel has been out. Because of this we have been unable to forward the Thought for the Week by email since our distribution lists are stored at the office. We are hoping the situation will be resolved this week.

In the meantime, I shared a “thought” from Pastor Cheryl last week and she wrote a follow-on piece that I want to share with you this week. Here is what she wrote:

Last week I wrote about the prevailing spirit of anger in our society and shared a passage from Ephesians which addresses how a believer should appropriately behave.

Christians sometimes wrongly think that it is a sin to even become angry at all, but even God gets angry. Scripture tells us that while He is slow to anger, sometimes He reaches His limit and becomes angry. Our world is filled with angry people, who are using their anger selfishly, either reacting from a sense of jealousy, victimhood, fear or simply addicted to the endorphin rush after a melt-down. God’s anger, however, is not rooted in selfishness but in righteousness.

A good example is Jesus’ anger, which can be found in all four gospels, concerning His “clearing of the temple.” The Pharisees, whose job description included ministering to God, had set up a money-making racket inside the temple. Worshipers traveled to Jerusalem and purchased sacrifices from temple flocks, but could only use approved temple script to buy their sacrifices. The Pharisees charged a fee for the money exchange as well as charging exorbitant prices for sacrificial animals. This didn’t sit well with Our Lord. Jesus got angry. The Bible records that he cleared the temple of the money changers, flipping over tables and driving them out, scattering the cattle and sheep with a whip made of cords. His was a righteous anger, directed at sin.

Although God longs to forgive a repentant sinner, He cannot condone willful rebellion against Himself. He longs to remove the sin and restore sinners, but His anger erupts against those who persist in sinning.

What makes YOU angry? There is a place for righteous anger. Christians have every right to be upset about sin and injustice and should take a stand against them. Unfortunately, many believers are passive about these important issues.

Does your heart break for the same things that break God’s heart? Does the rampant evil and sin around you anger you enough to take a stand for righteousness? Evil thrives when good men do nothing.

Anger itself is not wrong, particularly if it is an anger directed at sin. There is a place for righteous indignation. Just make sure your anger is directed toward the right issues and use your anger to find constructive solutions rather than tearing people down. Be angry but sin not.

Again, thank you, Pastor Cheryl for your thoughts. Let us turn them into action. Just a thought.

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