Posted by: pastortomvabeach | April 26, 2016

Thought For The Week May 1, 2016

First, let me thank my associate pastor, Doug Crabb for filling in for me last week. I was pretty swamped and didn’t get time to write or even think what to write. He is always ready in season and out of season.

This past Sunday we looked in John’s gospel, chapter nine, the account of the man Jesus healed who was born blind. One thing I noticed in studying this passage and that I shared on Sunday was that Jesus noticed this guy when it was very likely that most if not all of the other people passing by didn’t even see him. How often do we see someone at an intersection, freeway off ramp, or other busy location with a sign that says something like, “Homeless. Need food. Help” and either ignore, act as though we don’t see, or actually don’t see because he or she is there all the time?

Now this is an uncommon illustration to ask how often do we fail to notice people around us who are hurting in so many other ways? It may be someone close to us, a family member, close friend, co-worker, etc., who is depressed, tired, having a bad day, physically stressed, or any number of things that indicate they need help. How often do we pretend not to notice so that we won’t have to be inconvenienced by offering advice, assistance, or just a shoulder to cry on?

What if we trained ourselves to notice people who are in need? Now we might not always be able to help because sometimes the need is out of our skill set or range of assets. But if we began to notice, do you think it is possible that more often than is currently happening we would find there are people to whom we could make a significant difference? And in making that difference we would be making Jesus known!

Jesus saw a world of hurt and in the hurts and blindness He saw people everywhere who are spiritually blind and hurting who need the touch of the Savior. He also saw these people, each as an opportunity to work His work of grace while He walked the earth. We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work. (John 9:4). Why do you suppose He said “We” here instead of “I”? I think He meant us to catch the vision that we, His followers, must grasp that urgency to work His works while we can.

The touch of the Savior can begin with the touch of our hands to comfort, help, cry with, lift up, and encourage someone in need. At the very least, if we don’t have a clue what else we can do to help, we can offer to pray. That is always the best thing we can do anyway and praying with someone is an awesome way to say we care. Would you ask the Lord to give you eyes to see what He sees and the willingness to touch someone when you can? Just a thought.

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