Posted by: pastortomvabeach | March 22, 2016

Thought For The Week March 27, 2016

He Is Risen!

These words make all the difference! Just imagine if Jesus had done everything He did and been tried and crucified but never rose from the dead. Where were His followers that first resurrection Sunday? They were hiding for out of fear that they might meet the same fate. What message would they have had to proclaim if the stone had never been rolled away? How could they have endured the ridicule, persecution, and suffering they faced for jus talking about Jesus if He was not alive and with them? The resurrection made all the difference for them and it still makes all the difference for us. Celebrate – He is risen!

But that’s not what I wanted to write about this week. I was reading a few days ago in Jeremiah. I’m following a plan to read through the Bible in a year and right now get to read three chapters of Jeremiah and one of Isaiah each day.

I’ve been trying to find a verse that speaks to me in my daily reading, something that I can meditate upon and maybe think about during the day so that reading doesn’t just become a stale exercise in checking off the box. That is often difficult when reading Jeremiah. There aren’t a whole lot of encouraging words in his prophecies which consistently tell the people of Israel and Judah that they are sinning and about to be judged severely. Sometimes it’s downright depressing because they don’t listen to him and even try to kill him more than once.

But a few days ago I saw this verse, If I say, “I will not remember Him Or speak anymore in His name,” then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I am weary of holding it in, and I cannot endure it. (Jeremiah 20:9) Jeremiah had been arrested by the head priest, been beaten, and put in the stocks for a day. After he was released he prophesied that this priest, Pashhur and all his household would be taken captive to Babylon, then he seemed to lose hope. He lamented that people were mocking him for the things God was giving him to say almost as if God was setting him up to suffer. He actually decided it was better to not speak any more, just stop being the prophet of God.

But that’s the part that hit me. Jeremiah said that if he tried that the word would become like a fire shut up in his bones, like a blaze that could not be contained. He said that he could not hold it in. As I read that I had to admit to the Lord that this was not my case, that the fire was not always there. So I held on to that verse and now every day I am asking Him to fan the fire, to help me so His Word burns in me with a passion that I can’t hold in. I’m seeking Him to help me to keep His Word in my mind during the day no matter what I’m doing. I’m working on memorizing and meditating on His Word so that His presence fills the Word in me to make it come alive.

Have you ever thought about this? God’s Word, the Bible, is alive. The Holy Spirit makes it powerful and dynamic as if God were speaking the actual words to us. I mean, if you heard God speaking in an audible voice wouldn’t that give some fire to the words He says? Well, I believe the words we read in Scripture have that kind of right now living power. I want to feel it pulsing inside of me so that it has to come out. I’m not there and don’t know how long it’ll take to get there but that’s where I’m going right now. What about you? Just a thought.

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