Posted by: pastortomvabeach | February 9, 2016

Thought For The Week February 14, 2016

For some this year’s Super Bowl was not very exciting or even boring but not for me. I enjoy watching a game where the defense rises up and ultimately determines the outcome by its fierce and aggressive play. That’s just what we saw. Both teams showed stout and opportunistic schemes and the best defense won that game.

On a different note, this year’s commercials, by many accounts, were not on par with some of the fare from previous years. One commercial, though, stirred up a lot of anger in a way that most of us likely wouldn’t have seen. Dr. Michael Brown, who served as a leader in the Brownsville Revival; birthed the FIRE School of Ministry; and authored books on revival, holiness, and radical discipleship among others, wrote an article on entitled Pro-Abortion Radicals Have Lost Their Hearts and Minds. I want to share most of the article and then make a comment. Dr. Brown wrote:

“NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, took strong exception to a silly Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl. As summarized by Dave Urbanski on The Blaze, ‘The humorous clip showed a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound of her “beautiful baby” while Dad munched on Doritos chips. ‘Really? You’re eating Doritos?’ the now-annoyed mother said to him. Soon the unborn child on the ultrasound screen was sensing when the chuckling father waved a Doritos chip near Mom’s belly and the baby instinctively reached for it in the womb. And then? Bad idea. The child had only one place to go, presumably setting a birth in motion (as everyone in the room started to scream).’

“Now, before I share what NARAL tweeted, let’s think about this like rational human beings. What could be so offensive about this comical ad? Nothing graphic or distasteful appears on the screen; the commercial is clearly meant in fun; it shows a normal ultrasound; the big surprise is apparently a baby being born ahead of schedule. That’s how good Doritos are. End of subject.

“But not for NARAL. For NARAL, the Doritos’ commercial crossed a line: ‘#NotBuyingIt – that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses and sexist tropes of dads as clueless and moms as uptight.’

“You might be saying to yourself, ‘Someone obviously made this up. No one in their right mind thinks like this, not even NARAL.’ I do agree that no one in their right mind thinks like this, but NARAL, sad to say, is not its right mind. We’ll ignore the ridiculous attack on ‘sexist tropes of dads as clueless and moms as uptight,’ as if it is sexist to have fun with the image of a dad who is not quite used to being in the doctor’s office with his wife during an ultrasound and with a mom who might be just the tiniest bit uptight during the process. Oh, the rank sexism of it all!

“But what NARAL said about the ‘antichoice’ (= pro-life) ‘tactic of humanizing fetuses’ reminds us that, even more tragically, NARAL does not have a heart. There’s a reason that the vast majority of women who see their ultrasound choose not to abort their babies. There’s a reason that expectant moms send out pictures of that ultrasound with the exciting news, ‘It’s a boy!’ or, ‘It’s a girl!’, pointing out the little hands and feet and nose and ears.

“There’s a reason the wife grabs her husband’s hand and puts it on her stomach as the baby jumps inside so he can experience a little of what she’s feeling as that bundle of new life moves around. There’s a reason many parents pick a name for their child as soon as they hear whether they’re having a boy or girl, even though there are a few months to go before the little one makes his/her appearance. There’s a reason some women will mourn for years over a miscarriage, even if it took place in the early months of a pregnancy.

“And there’s a reason that pro-abortionists fight so strenuously against laws requiring abortion clinics to show the mother an ultrasound before going ahead with the murderous act.

“It’s because that fetus is a human being, carefully formed and made, full of life and potential, the unique creation of God and that mother and father. And ‘humanizing fetuses’ is no more an ‘antichoice tactic’ than wanting to humanize Jews during the Holocaust in Germany or wanting to humanize Africans during the slave trade in America.

“But there is a silver lining to the moral depravity evidenced in these two tweets. It reminds us of how deeply the pro-abortionists need an encounter with the Lord and how deeply this battle is spiritual more than anything. The reality is that the heartlessness and mindlessness and anger and depravity of their position comes not only from many rebellious hearts. It also comes from many broken hearts, from the hearts of women masking their deep wounds and pain.

“And so, as we expose their lies and work to save the lives of the unborn, let’s also pray for a wave of repentance and salvation to sweep through the people of NARAL and Cosmopolitan and Planned Parenthood and their supporters, both female and male. Jesus died for their redemption too. The saving of their lives could result in the saving of many more lives in the womb.”

Friends, we spent the month of January and first week of February praying mainly that God would revive the church and bring a real spiritual awakening to our nation. The idea that an unborn baby is not human which is aggressively promoted by the abortion industry ought to be sufficient evidence of the severity of the need for national repentance and salvation. Let’s keep calling on the Lord to reach out to those who are blinded to their overwhelming need for a Savior and ask Him to give us every lost person we know and all the rest in our community. Prayer is the catalyst to real awakening. I want to be part of that. What about you?

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