Posted by: pastortomvabeach | November 14, 2014

Thought For The Week 16NOV14

Pastor Doug sitting in for Pastor Tom this week.  Let me begin with a question…. “Why do you pray?”  Don’t answer too quickly… take your time.


How about this for an answer?  “The only enduring motive for prayer is that God is worthy to be sought.”  Dr. Daniel Henderson – Strategic Renewal


Look at the key words, “only, enduring, motive, God, worthy, sought”.  Our circumstances may change (and they will), but God never will… “I the LORD do not change” (Malachi 3:6, NIV).  He is and has always been God. “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:14, NIV).


I know that if a survey were taken, we would find there are as many reasons for prayer as there are people praying, however, I’ve got to go along with Dr. Henderson and his answer.


What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  Pray about your answer and see what God shows you.


Remember, we are in this together.  J



Be My With-nesses (Acts 1:8),

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