Posted by: pastortomvabeach | September 3, 2014

Thought for the Week September 7, 2014

Our local church has established the first Sunday in September as a special day in which we recognize and honor children kind of like we do moms and dads on their special days each year. We call it Kid’s Day and we think it is important for all of our children to know that they are as important to God while they are growing into adults as they will be once they reach that stage in life. We want them to believe they can know the Lord and be used to serve Him even as kids.

One of the most important values we can impart to children as they grow is a love for the Word of God. We purpose to teach the Scriptures throughout our children’s ministry which helps to establish that value but I believe the most significant way that we pass on this love for God’s Word is through example. What do I mean?

For parents first, do you read the Bible with your children? Do they ever see you reading it yourself? Do you know that your children will certainly grow to value what they see as valuable to you? If they know that you have a regular pattern of reading and studying the Bible, they will know that you are not just telling them it’s good for them but that you really believe it’s good for you because you do it.

Another way to teach the importance of the Scripture is to read, discuss, and memorize it together as a family. Maybe you could have a family memory challenge periodically where everyone in the family attempts to memorize a verse or verses and practices with each other every day until every gets it. After it’s memorized perhaps the family could brainstorm ways to apply the verse to each member of the family and then compliment one another when someone gets the practical side working right.

For adults in the church in general. When you interact with children and youth, do you ever find a way to show them how much you treasure the Bible? This could be simple discussion or sharing insights about passages of Scripture. It could mean sharing resources that you have found that aid you in reading and studying the Word. It could mean going out of your way to work with ministries that teach the Word to children and youth, whether you have children in the classes or not. Children watch adults to see if what they say is really what they do. They are very keen on watching their parents but they also look at others they know and see regularly. What do you do to let the kids with whom you have contact know that Christianity, the Bible, and church is not just something you do on Sunday but that it affects your whole life because God’s Word fills your life?

One resource that I have found particularly useful is or the You Version Bible. This is both a website and a Bible app that can be set up on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Once you have it, you can choose from dozens, maybe hundreds of reading plans that will help you become consistent in Bible reading. You can pick any translation you desire and read from your device or from your Bible. Young people are almost always using mobile devices rather than paper books so this resource may be something wonderful to pass on to them.

As we celebrate Kid’s Day this week, will you remember that the kids around you, even if you don’t have any, are watching you, and then, try to be the best example of Christlikeness that you can be for them? Something to think about.

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