Posted by: pastortomvabeach | October 8, 2013

Thought For The Week October 6, 2013

If you have not had a chance to listen to the testimony shared by Peggy Shaub at the Ministry Partner KP on September 22, you are missing out. The Lord has given her some remarkable insights into His grace and willingness to come alongside anyone who is naïve enough to believe the Bible and obey its teaching. I believe you would be inspired, challenged, and motivated to open your heart to a closer walk with Jesus through the very simple testimonies she presents. You can find her talk on our website, and click on the link “messages”. Her name is there.

One thing she shared was particularly challenging. She mentioned a gentleman who had offered to try serving with the children’s ministry. After just a short period he came to her and said he needed to back out. It seemed that he was a very busy person and Sunday was the only day of the week that he got to sleep in and get a bit of rest. Mrs. Shaub was polite but said something like, “It’s OK, Jesus died for you and you can’t get out of bed one day a week.” On the surface that sounds harsh but is it any less true?

We have so many reasons why we “can’t”. We “can’t” get to church on time because we’re so tired. We “can’t” make it once a week because work is too stressful. We “can’t” come when we have company in town. We “can’t” serve in ministry because we don’t have time. We “can’t” possible teach because we get too nervous. We “can’t” tithe because we have too many bills. We “can’t” find time to pray because too many people have demands on us. We “can’t” read or study the Bible because the day was too long. We “can’t” join a small group because we haven’t found one where we’re comfortable. We “can’t” work with children because we’re empty nesters. We “can’t” help with Really Cool Sunday School because we might miss our favorite TV Bible teacher.

I wonder if Jesus was tired, stressed, limited for time, perhaps nervous, in demand by many people, facing long days, comfortable around the Pharisees, or concerned about the pain that was coming? Could there have been legitimate reasons for Jesus to say, “I’m sorry, I ‘can’t’ die for the world today?”

I know I’ve thought, felt, said, and acted on many empty excuses about why I “can’t since I’ve been a Christian. But when I put any of those, even valid reasons, in the context of Jesus dying for me, they seem pretty lame. This really challenged me to a different level. What about you?

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