Posted by: pastortomvabeach | September 4, 2013

Thought For The Week September 8, 2013

Do you ever get the chance to be a kid again? This is one of my favorite things about being a grandpa. I get to do kid things with my grandkids! This summer we went to the beach, we camped out, we rode roller coasters at Busch Gardens, we braved the water slides at Water Country USA, and we rode bikes together. Now I may have done some of those things without grandchildren, but because they are here I made it a point to do them and got to do them more frequently.

This Sunday we will observe our own annual Kid’s Day. This is a day in which we tell our children (and grandchildren) what a great gift of God they are to us and to the world. I plan to share some thoughts about why children are so special but there is one thing that I either forgot to add or didn’t really fit with the talk I’ll be giving that I think is important about kids.

Mark’s gospel records Jesus words, Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it. (Mark 10:14-15) I am pretty sure that most who read this get the idea that Jesus is saying we need to come to Him with the trust that a small child has towards its parents or to have child-like faith in order to receive His promises. But I think there is another aspect to the concept of “receiving the kingdom…as a little child” that we may miss or forget.

I’m referring to the sense of wonder, awe, and excitement that bursts out of kids’ hearts about nearly everything that is important to them. They find it hard to hold back their joy, their amazement, their expectation when good things are the order of the day. When kids receive Jesus they tell people about it. They are bold and open about trusting the Lord to meet their needs and answer their prayers. And they get animated when God shows up in their lives so others are sure to know.

I often wonder about myself why I don’t always have that sense of amazement and overflowing gratitude that I remember being there when I first came to Christ. The realization of His grace and forgiveness was so new and fresh that I was eager to tell everyone I could about how wonderful this faith in Jesus was to me. In some ways I was over the top in spreading the joy that I felt and knew for the first time in my life. I was like a kid at Christmas. Could it be that Jesus means by receive…like a little child, that we should seek to retain the type of inner passion that bubbles up in outward delight?

What might happen to our witness in the world if we become like little kids in how we receive and live out our relationship with the Creator of the Universe? Can we ever really lose the almost incredible recognition that the most powerful being who lives has accepted us into His family and made a home for us forever? What if we let that come out of us like kids?

What’s better than having the kind of fun kids get to have? Having Jesus as our Savior and Friend. Imagine yourself again the day you got saved, when you first understood that your sins were really taken away and that God loved you not because of your performance but because of His grace. When you get that thought going, remember how simply fantastic it was to know and feel God’s love and presence. Then be a kid again in your relationship with God. Get enthusiastic, shout, tell someone how cool it is, act like something good has happened because it has.

This Kid’s Day is about our kids but it’s also about what being a kid is like and the fact that we get to be God’s kids because of Jesus! Just a thought.

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