Posted by: pastortomvabeach | December 3, 2012

Thought for the Week December 9, 2012

On Sunday I shared the thought of slowing down, listening for God’s voice, and then entering the Christmas story, God’s story, in obedience. This is because you and I are part of the story that God is still writing in the earth. This morning I read a testimony that illustrates how that can work.

In today’s Daily Boost, a devotional article e-mailed to Pentecostal Evangel subscribers every weekday, Diane Dybus, who serves as the music director at Bethpage, N.Y. Assembly of God, describes a time she entered God’s story and the results. The article, Tell Others, follows:

“I have taught piano for many years. When I developed a growth at the side of my left eye, it became difficult to concentrate on music. I went to see a dermatologist, who scheduled the removal of the growth. I believe the Lord heals; I’ve witnessed the impossible happen. The night before the surgery, I said a simple prayer: ‘Lord, it will certainly increase my faith if I do not have to go for surgery.’

“In the morning I went to brush my teeth, looked in the mirror, and saw no growth. The Lord had, indeed, removed it. I believe whenever God does something for you, you should tell others about it. Always share your testimonies with others because it will encourage them in their own faith. In the case of my eye being healed, that was certainly true.

“One of my piano students later developed a similar-looking growth in her eye. I told her about the Lord’s power and what He did for me. She told me she didn’t believe in God. We made an agreement. I would pray for the growth to leave in the name of Jesus, and if it did she would allow me to teach her what I learned from the Bible. The next week when she returned for her lesson, the growth was gone. Praise God!

“I began teaching my student to pray in Jesus’ name believing. The summer came, and we did not see each other. In September, I saw her again, and she told me an amazing story of God’s protection. She was in a car with three friends. She and a girl were in the back seat, and two young men were in the front. The driver lost control of the car, and they went down an embankment. The two boys were killed, the car turned over, and my student and her friend were trapped. The doors were jammed. ‘In Jesus’ name, be opened,’ the young woman prayed. She said the door flew open and landed some distance from the car. She smelled smoke and was able to pull her friend out of the car. My student was studying to be a nurse, and she could not find a heartbeat in her friend. Again, she prayed, this time for life to come into her friend’s body. The friend began to breathe again. The girls were rushed to the hospital, and both were fine.

“I write this so you will be encouraged to share with others what God has done for you. Faith comes from hearing. My simple story of God healing my eye ended up giving a young girl the faith to trust God in the midst of a tragedy. Tell others what God has done for you!”

This lady realizes that the events in her life and God’s work on her behalf are where she becomes part of God’s story. Because of telling her story, which is God’s story, her student chose to become part of God’s story, too! What would happen if all of us took the Christmas story and began to share with others how God has brought us into His story? We might see results that can only be tabulated in eternity. Wow! Think about it and I wish you good story telling!

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