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Calendar of Events

Sunday Morning Schedule
Life Groups (adults/teens) at 9 AM
Really Cool Sunday School (kidz 3-11) at 9 AM
Worship at 10:30 AM

Really Cool Sunday School
Children age 3 through 5th grade, learn Bible lessons and application in
five learning environments (cooking, cinema, drama, arts & crafts, and computer). Everyone is invited. For further information or to register your child call 757-427-9371. Don’t miss this great opportunity for kids!

Sunday Morning Life Groups
Small groups designed to learn Bible truth and application in a
setting that is non-threatening, friendly, and suited to every taste.
We currently have three adult and one teen group enjoying the
following studies:
Teens: “True U – Does God Exist?”
Adult Men: “The Coming Economic Armageddon”
Adult Women: The Power To Change – Transforming Prayer” by Daniel Henderson
Adult Mixed: “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis
Newcomers: Christianity 101/Foundations
Sermon Based Life Group: Studying last week’s sermon.

Sermon Based Life Groups In Homes
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to study out what you hear on Sunday morning or to discuss it with a few close friends from church? What might that do for you in terms of helping you live out and apply the teaching from the Bible? Have you ever wanted to know that you had a few people in the church you were really close to and could count on?
Sermon-based Life Group the answer! We currently have five groups that meet in homes throughout the community. We will form more groups as leaders are trained and available. Contact the office at 427-9371 for more information.

Bring Dad To Church on Father’s Day!
We want to honor and give respect to the dads around us.
We’ll have breakfast treats along with special gifts for every day and
a drawing for gift cards which dad can use as he sees fit.
After church let your dad have the rest he deserves but most likely
seldom takes. Show him some love today!
Start the day off with a bang – worship the Lord, love Dad, and he’ll be grateful forever.

Water Baptism
Sunday, July 1, 10:30 a.m., during the morning service.
If you have become a follower of Jesus Christ by faith and have not been baptized since making that decision, this day is for you. Contact the Christian Chapel office (757-427-9371) or one of the staff members to let us know you want to be baptized!

Zumba Vacation
We are taking a break from Zumba for the summer months. Stay tuned for renewed workouts in the fall!

Ladies Bible Life Group
Every Wednesday, 9-11 p.m. at Christian Chapel.
Come and learn practical concepts taught by nationally
known Christian leaders (via DVD) in an atmosphere that
is welcoming and warm. Mothers with children are always
welcome and we lift each other up in prayer.
Call Kathy Elliott, 721-7740, for details.

Check out our new and growing website at Sermons are available on the site.
Did you know that you can download our Sunday note pages and take notes electronically on your iPad or smart phone? Go to and sign in under Christian Chapel and you will find the notes every week.

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