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Calendar of Events

Sunday Morning Schedule
Life Groups (adults/teens) at 9 AM
Really Cool Sunday School (kidz 3-11) at 9 AM
Worship at 10:30 AM

Veteran’s Day Observance
Sunday, November 13, we will honor all of our American Veterans
during our morning celebration. We deeply appreciate the sacrifice
of every U.S. service member. Thank you for preserving freedom!

Thanksgiving Candlelight Communion Celebration
Sunday, November 20, 10:30 a.m.
We will gather to give thanks to the Lord for the past year. Anyone
who wishes will be given the opportunity to share a brief (please)
testimony of what God has done for you during the past year.
We will celebrate in worship as testimonies are presented.
Pastor Elton McLeod of Greater Works Worship Center (which meets
at Christian Chapel on Sunday afternoons) will share a Bible message
about Thanksgiving then we will share in a time of family communion.
This celebration sets a solemn and God-focused tone for the
Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t miss it.

Note: Really Cool Sunday School and Life Groups will not meet
On Sunday, November 20.

Really Cool Sunday School
Children age 3 through 5th grade, learn Bible lessons and application in
five learning environments (cooking, cinema, drama, arts & crafts, and computer). Everyone is invited. For further information or to register your child call 757-427-9371. Don’t miss this great opportunity for kids!

Life Groups (formerly Coffee Table Groups)
Small groups designed to learn Bible truth and application in a
setting that is non-threatening, friendly, and suited to every taste.
We currently have three adult and one teen group enjoying the
following studies:
Teens: “True U – Does God Exist?”
Adult Men: “Uprising” by Erwin McManus
Adult Women: “Bait of Satan” by John Bevere
Adult Mixed: “The Power to Change” by Daniel Henderson
Newcomers: Christianity 101/Foundations

Truth Project Life Group
Sunday evenings hosted by Bruce and Ruth Brown.
Compelling teaching and discussion of Christian worldview.
This groups just launched. Call 673-5776 for information.

Love and Respect Life Group
We conclude our group this week with a pot luck and
discussion of take aways from Dr. Eggerichs rich teaching.
If you missed Love and Respect let us know as we intend
to form a group and share these great ideas as often as
anyone wants to attend.

Free Zumba For Ladies!
Every Tuesday, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Professional Zumba instructor.
Come and get in shape in a fun and furious way.
Everyone is invited!

Our Missional Focus
Missional Focus is that group or segment of local society where a church decides to focus the majority of its efforts and funds in evangelism. Having a focus enables a church to be effective in connecting with and reaching more unchurched people. It does not prevent individual attendees from reaching out to their own neighbors, friends, family, etc., nor does it mean the church will turn away someone outside of that focus group.
Christian Chapel has decided to focus on three specific groups:
Families with children (age 0-18).
Military families with children (age 0-18)
Families with difficulties (marital, child-rearing, finances, etc.)

Check out our new and growing website at Sermons are available on the site.

You can now follow Christian Chapel on Twitter at “ccagvb”.

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