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Thought for the Week March 6, 2010

I have not posted in four weeks or so. The first paragraph kind of explains where I’ve been. It’s good to be back sharing my musings.

We have just finished an extremely busy time of year. The last week of January and first few weeks of February are always hectic as we prepare for the annual church business meeting. This year seemed even more lively than most. Because of the workload, Pastor Doug has been writing the “thought” on my behalf. Would you join me in thanking him when you see him?

This week I just want to point you back to the things we have been talking about for the past six or so Sundays. This whole idea that God has a mission for my life may be a new concept to many of us, but I believe that is exactly what life is all about. God created us with the purpose of loving Him and bringing Him glory and honor. That then is our overarching mission in life. The question is how do I do that best.

Jesus is the best example and He said that He had brought glory to His Father by finishing the work the Father gave Him to do (John 17:4). If that is how Jesus brought glory to God, should we look at life any differently? Demonstrating real love for God and showing Him glory simply means doing what God has sent us to do! So, here’s another question – what has God sent us to do?

Again Jesus answers that – As my Father has sent me, even so I send you. (John 20:21) We have been sent on the same mission Jesus was sent on – to seek out and bring the lost unto salvation through believing in Jesus. The Great Commission is just what it says a “co” “mission” which means we are cooperating with Jesus in the mission. He said, Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations… (Matthew 28:19). This is our mandate as a church and as individuals.

The big question we shared a week or so ago is how does God want ME to serve His mission? He wants you and me to be salt and light in every area of relationship right down where we live. We bring the influence of Christ into the world by living holy lives. Salt has a purifying and preserving affect on whatever it touches. What about your life is so different that it brings God’s holy touch into your home, workplace, neighborhood, etc.? Light on the other hand shines on something to show others what is there. Is the light of Jesus’ presence in your life shining so others can see Him in the things you do? Are you pointing to Him whenever you do something good or right that is noticed?

I am not a NASCAR fan but I heard that the young man who won the Daytona 500 last week, the youngest ever to win that race, took the initial moments of his winner’s interview to point the glory to the Lord instead of himself. That is how our lives should shine. When we continually point to the grace of God through Jesus Christ which accounts for all the successes we enjoy in life, those around us get curious and we get to share that Jesus wants to live in them, too.

The video we saw on Sunday, stirred a lot of us to wonder what we can do to reach the lost. The best answer is that we are on a mission every day, every moment, and living for Jesus every day, every moment is the best way to carry out that mission. Let Jesus live in you, make you holy, and shine through you to everyone who sees. We want people who know us to look at us and say, He or she has been with Jesus. That’s where it’s at. Just a thought!

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