Posted by: pastortomvabeach | January 20, 2011

Thought For The Week January 23, 2011

This week I just wanted to remind all of my readers of the values that define who we are here at Christian Chapel and also who we want to be. We discovered these values by looking very closely at the congregation to try to see what God has made us passionate about and what kinds of values were already evident in the lives of most of our people. A significant number of church leaders participated in the discovery sessions and we tried to drill down to only those that appeared to be the most important. We tried to listen closely to the Lord and hear what it was that He wanted uniquely from us as a local church.

Through those sessions we determined that our core values are that we are Biblically Based, Christ Centered, Prayer Intensive, Evangelism Driven, People Focused, Stewardship Minded, and Lay Ministry Structured. Each of these values both describe who we believe we are (as God has made us) and who we want to be (are moving toward but not yet there). These values also influence most of the decisions about how we go about reaching our mission and purpose as a church.

I hope that each of the values is self explanatory but also encourage everyone to find the series of messages we shared recently that defined in depth what we mean by each term. For instance, being people focused means that YOUR church values people very highly and people are important to us. We may have programs, facilities, equipment, events, services, and so forth, but we commit to people in a whole different way. We want to invest in and build up people and those others things are secondary to that commitment and only serve to enable us as we serve people. This was so evident as we sought to discover our values by the way this church has been gifted by God to befriend and love people, all people, all the time.

When we say we are “lay ministry structured” we mean that we believe every believer has been gifted by God to serve within the context of the local church to be a blessing to that church. We understand that the most important ministry that occurs within YOUR church is done mostly by those who are not considered “professional” ministers and without the real ministry of everyone in the church it cannot and will not be all God wants it to be. For this purpose we continually encourage everyone in the church to join a ministry team and be involved in making YOUR church the best church in town.

I just wanted to remind everyone how important these core values are to all of us as we work together 2GO NDO and to transform unchurched people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Have you embraced the values God has placed within YOUR church? I believe this will help to make you, individually, the best you can be, and as you are the best you can be, YOUR church will continue to grow into the best church in town. Just a thought.

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