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Thought For The Week November 2, 2008

Tuesday is the day our eyes have focused upon for over two years now. Candidates for various offices have been vying for our support for at least that long and, finally, you and I get to make our voices heard. What should we as Christians say to the candidates? My opinion is that we must choose candidates who support biblical values, beginning with life. Dr. James Dobson has written a very well thought out letter giving us some thoughts to help guide our choices. I want to share some excerpts (in italics) to help you with your decision. You can read his October newsletter in its entirety at Focus on the Family Action’s Web site at He begins his letter as follows . . .

“Can you feel the tension in the air? The nation — and indeed, the world — is holding its collective breath as the final days of the presidential campaign wind down and the candidates engage in one last round of electioneering and debating. By this time next month, we’ll know who will be inaugurated in January as the 44th President of the United States…Considering the stark differences between the two presidential candidates and the critical issues that are hanging in the balance, it’s not difficult to understand why Campaign 2008 has been such a spirited affair. I’d like to take a few moments to consider what is at stake in this year’s election, particularly for those of us who embrace a biblical worldview.”

“Let’s start with the need to elect a pro-family, pro-life President. The importance of this objective cannot be overstated. Between 2009 and 2012, there will likely be two or more opportunities for the President to nominate new justices to the Supreme Court. Some court watchers say there could be as many as four resignations. That alone should give us serious pause as we consider for whom to cast our votes. In the months ahead, the Supreme Court will likely hand down rulings that will impact America for generations to come. We need a President who will nominate conservative, strict-constructionist judges to the Court. If that doesn’t happen, the highest court in the land could become stacked, even more than it already is, with justices who will endeavor to legislate from the bench and…it will likely affect the definition of marriage, religious freedom, and the protection (or lack thereof) of life in the womb.”

Let me add here that I believe the foremost Biblical issue for our concern is life. It was the first issue named in the Declaration of Independence (“all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”). I believe that “life” was listed first for a reason. If a society or governmental structure does not recognize the value of human life as its first priority, then whatever else comes first can trump and demean life. For evidence of this, simply look at the results of the French Revolution which had for its three main values; liberty, equality, and fraternity. The wanton killing of multitudes, many by guillotine, often for petty or feeble reasons, demonstrated the outcome of placing any value, no matter how noble-sounding, above life.

The value one places upon life is often determined by where one believes life originates. Understanding we are created in the image of God gives every human, regardless of age or apparent ability or disability, inherent dignity and measureless value. This also has great bearing on the values one places upon family and upon personal freedoms. If I were only allowed to choose one issue it would be life above all.

Dr. Dobson further comments: “It’s probably obvious which of the two major party candidates’ views are most palatable to those of us who embrace a pro-life, pro-family worldview. While I will not endorse either candidate this year…my concern is for the biblical and moral values that I and millions of Americans hold dear. I will gladly support politicians of any stripe who are willing to defend the sanctity of human life, support the institution of traditional marriage, protect the country from terrorism, and advance the cause of religious liberty.”

I firmly agree with this comment. A person’s race, gender, or political party are of no concern to me if that person holds to the values of the Bible and has a track record I can depend upon. Let me add that these concerns apply to candidates for Congress and the Senate as well as for the presidency.

“The races for the White House and the Congress are hardly the only matters worthy of concern in this election cycle. At the state and local levels, numerous policies and pieces of legislation are being put to a vote, and many of them are directly related to family and moral issues. For example, the definition of marriage is on the ballot in Arizona, California, and Florida. Voters in Colorado will be given the opportunity to expand the definition of “personhood” to include all human beings from the moment of fertilization…these are just a few of the important issues. I implore you to spend the few days remaining… researching the various amendments, ballot measures, and local and national candidates.”

“Regardless of your political views, I want to urge Christians everywhere to be in prayer about this election. There are many scriptural references wherein King David “inquired of God” when he was faced by troubling circumstances (1 Samuel 23:2,4; 30:8; 2 Samuel 2:1; 5:19,23). It is time for Christians everywhere to turn to Him for guidance and wisdom. Find some time to be still and listen to what He wants to tell you. If you are able, I would also encourage you to fast and pray immediately before the election. After all, it was the Reverend Billy Graham who once said that ‘To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees.’ Amen, Dr. Graham.”

“This election is about the future of the nation, but it will also go a long way toward determining the culture your children and grandchildren will come to know. I know you will vote with your children and your children’s children in mind. That certainly puts the election in a different light, doesn’t it?”

David Welch, a former Christian Chapel member and current Executive Director of U.S. Pastor Council in Houston, Texas, writes: “Every election brings the discussion…to voter turnout. The reality is that every eligible Christian citizen votes either actively or passively.” If you do not actually cast a ballot you give greater weight to every vote that opposes your viewpoint. Think about this, Welch says, if 100% of 100 eligible voters actually vote it takes 51 to make a majority, however if only 70% vote it only takes 36 to be a majority, and if only 30% vote a majority is only 16! Welch concludes by saying, “100% turnout is a guarantee for every church. The only question is whether each voter will cast his or her own vote according to Biblical standards or use it selfishly – or will they simply reduce the numbers needed for the enemies of God to win by not showing up?” Please give strong consideration to how you will vote this year, let your vote be informed and guided by the values in Scripture, and whatever you do, don’t surrender your choice by not voting. Just a thought.

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